Freelance developer

My name is Aske Behrsin

I love developing complex yet fast website's and designing user-friendly interfaces with a high conversion rate.

With more than 10 years of experience as a freelance developer, i have been involved with many exciting projects ranging from e-commerce to iPhone apps to booking systems.

For the majority of these projects i have been responsible for a wide spectrum including: Design, programming, api-integration, scaling, performance optimization, data-analysis, a/b testing and much more.

As a designer

i aim for the website to be user-friendly across devices and the important content is in focus. For instance a product-page should in a clear manner answer all questions a customer would have, and the checkout-page should convey trust and be easy to complete.

As a developer

As a developer i aim for the website to be fast and the code to be structured and maintainable. When the code is easy to understand it will be easier to update at a later point in time.

Currently working on